Because high school alumni can help today's students and educators succeed.



As featured in Principal Leadership Magazine


Future First USA is featured in Principal Leadership Magazine's article on "The Potential of Alumni Advocacy".

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Alumni can be more than a reunion org- read our white paper on alumni engagement and the opportunity to mobilize alumni and improve student outcomes



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One of the core barriers to alumni engagement is that schools have no system or staff to build an alumni network. So we created the Alumni Toolkit™. Take a tour and see how we've made it easy to recruit, manage and strategically employ your alumni to add the inspiration, information, insight and introductions your programs and students need to succeed.


For educators

Your alumni are a powerful voice that can inspire, inform, and support your students’ college and career aspirations.




A new way to think about your alumni: a resource to help students fulfill their potential.

Alumni have real world, authentic, and relatable information that will support your goals and empower student success. Read more.

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Role models

Recent grads are relatable near-peer role models

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College guides

Alumni can inform, inspire, and guide students into college



Alumni reflect the diversity of your students



Alumni are local professionals and business owners

The first real benefit is that we’re reconnecting with those students who have come through these four walls and have graduated and moved on. It’s great to reconnect with them and see what they’re doing and have them talk to our students about how their experience here helped them to get through that journey.
— Kerri-Lynn Major, Associate Principal at New Britain High School


Students want to hear about your college and career experience. 

Remember how uncertain you were in high  school?

Whether you’re in a degree program, community college, 4-year college, or in your career- the real-world knowledge and experience you've gained can help a student find their path to success.


About Future First USA

Future First USA is a 501c3 nonprofit.  We are the US affiliate of Future First Global - an international consortium of high school alumni-engagement programs that support schools, educators, and students here in the US, and in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Kenya.

Our common mission is to help public high schools strategically mobilize the greatest untapped resource in public education today- their alumni.