Your college and career journey — whatever path you chose — promotes diversity and inspires students’ choices and options.

  • Recent high school grads can boost college access with FAFSA support, high school graduation advice, and college campus tours. 

  • Early career professionals can offer real-world strategies on how to navigate and prepare for today’s workforce landscape. 

  • Established professionals can connect schools with business partners, site visits, internship, and funding opportunities. 

  • Every alumni can help students and teachers by providing real world feedback for student presentations, or as tutors and mentors to help students succeed.



You can provide students with what textbooks can’t: authentic college and career role models and local pathways to success.

With student-counselor ratios between 400:1 and 1000:1, students can't receive the counseling and guidance they need.   

During sign-up, we ask you what activities you want to be involved in so educators only contact you with events that match your interests. 

As a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, Alumni Toolkit is secure and ethical. We don’t share personal information or data - ever.

The first real benefit is that we’re reconnecting with those students who have come through these four walls and have graduated and moved on. It’s great to reconnect with them and see what they’re doing and have them talk to our students about how their experience here helped them to get through that journey.
— Kerri-Lynn Major, Associate Principal at New Britain High