An Easy, Effective, and Rewarding Volunteer Management System Designed Specifically for Busy High School Educators

  • Celebrates alumni success

  • Eliminates program silos

  • Overcomes FERPA barriers

  • Creates community

  • Grows institutional memory

  • Creates school advocates

  • Easy for any educator to use

  • Supports existing programs

  • No additional staff required

  • No curriculum required

  • Celebrates educator success

  • Builds college going cultures


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How it Works:

Step 1: Create your account.  Expect an email from us to set up a phone call, so that together, we can work towards our shared goal of achieving “3 and 30 in 30”: collaborating with 3 educators in your school and recruiting 30 alumni to join your school’s network — within 30 days.

Step 2: Choose from 37 easy-to-use alumni activities that add real-world relevance and relatable role models to your lessons and workshops.

Step 3: Recruit alumni with the personal and professional experience who will inspire your students and boost classroom engagement. Our social media tools and ready-to-send emails make it easy to use your contact lists, websites, Facebook pages, LinkedIn , PTA groups and alumni associations for outreach.

Step 4: View alumni profiles as they sign up and read their volunteer interests, college, career, and high school background information.

Step 5: Select and invite alumni back who match your program and student needs. Alumni Toolkit makes it easy to search and filter your alumni network by: college attended; program/major; career experience; background.


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