Every public high school student deserves to be inspired by relatable near-peer college role models and career active alumni.


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We are part of a global movement.

Alumni Toolkit™ is part of a global mission working towards building a movement around alumni engagement.  In the United States, we are part of Future First USA, a registered 501(c)3. In Britain, where we operate in 500 schools, we are Future First UK. In Australia, we are OurSchools. Around the world, we are Future First Global.

In the 2018 school year, Alumni Toolkit™ and the University of California San Diego implemented our national research pilot demonstrating the impact and opportunity of high school alumni as partners for student success.  Now Future First USA is making our Alumni Toolkit available for motivated and innovative districts, high schools, and educators. It’s easy to sign on, get started, and transform your alumni programs. Click register above and create your account today.

Download our white paper that presents the case for alumni engagement: The Alumni Opportunity for Student Success.


Education is not alone it our challenge to adapt to today’s needs. In other areas- innovation has been realized by re-imaging existing resources to meet the needs of consumers and the economy. The examples are nearly unlimited- Uber has re-imagined personal cars as cabs, Airbnb has reinvented spare bedrooms as hotels, food trucks are now fine-dining, and almonds have become a new source of milk. In all of these cases, existing resources, once overlooked and ignored, were re-imagined, and mobilized, to achieve new outcomes. 

Read more about why we believe alumni are a solution for today's public high schools and the one of the most  under-utilized resources.  Here are all the ways alumni can make an impact

For more information on how to mobilize your alumni to support student success, contact Jeff@futurefirstusa.org.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FFUSA sell or share data?  No.

FFUSA respects student and data privacy and will never sell or share our data – ever.  We are proud signatory partners of the Student Privacy Pledge.  Read our complete privacy policy.

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Who owns the data? Your school does.

You own the data for your school. It’s yours to use, or remove, at any time.

Are there advertisements on the Alumni Toolkit system? No

There are no advertisements, links, banners or paid sponsors. We do post the name/logos of funders and schools.

How do you make money? Future First USA is a philanthropy - and grant funded - social enterprise nonprofit.

Our mission is to provide the services and support schools need to mobilize their alumni, leverage community assets, and improve student outcomes. Succeeding in this effort will make Future First USA a smart and worthwhile investment for foundations interested in public education.

In the future, Future First USA plans to develop and market a suite of fee based services for administrators, districts, and private schools that will create a path to self-sustainability.

Do you provide alumni background checks? No. For two reasons.

First, Most alumni activities are one time visits that DO NOT require background checks- only that the alumni/signs in and is accompanied by an educator during their visit.

Second, Ongoing volunteers, and those who will have unsupervised contact with students, DO require thorough background checks and TB testing. Because schools have different protocols and procedures for these, Alumni Toolkit™ volunteers are expected to comply with each schools volunteer policy. We do ask if they are willing to follow the schools protocols.

Does FERPA allow me to share student info with Alumni Toolkit? Yes. Again, for two reasons.

First, FERPA protects students records – which we don’t use. FERPA does allow schools to use alumni contact info to contact them regarding school activities and opportunities – like this.

Second, because Alumni are no longer minors, they are not prohibited from sharing their school information.