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our free alumni software makes it easy to build an active alumni network

1) Connect with alumni, 2) Match your needs, 3) Provide students with:

Recent grads as college knowledge role models, motivators, and guides

Local alumni as guest speakers, volunteers, tutors, and mentors

Early career alumni to show today's job and career building strategies

Established alumni as funders for programs and college scholarships

Mid career alumni to create internships and business partnerships

Connected online and reunion groups looking to give back 

For High Schools

Educators can easily recruit and match alumni for your programs and students

  • Easy to invite the alumni you want, when you want them.
  • Quick to launch. No data inputting. No forms. No Extra work.

  • Secure and ethical. No personal info. No data sharing or selling. Ever.

  • Flexible to meet the diverse needs of schools, programs and educators.

  • Focused on helping students realize their potential.

  • Free for public schools. 

For Alumni

make a difference. it's easy.

Why alumni? Why now?

Because every student deserves to be inspired about their future- and every student needs to have college or career plan.  

  • Despite equal college aspirations in middle school, low-income students are half as likely as their high income peers to attend college, and only one tenth as likely to graduate from a four-year college.
  • Alumni are critical role-models to inspire, guide and support students to achieve their goals.

Because alumni mirror the diversity and experiences of students, they are uniquely able to motivate student engagement. 

  • 80% of students want college and career guidance from alumni. 
  • Using relatable, relevant near-peers as college guides is a proven success strategy. 
  • Your alumni can connect school performance today with college and career success tomorrow.  

Because counselors and college readiness programs are underfunded and overstretched.

  • With student-counselor ratios between 400:1 and 1000:1, students can't receive the counseling and guidance they need.   
  • 86% of students want more college guidance and they want it to start earlier. 
  • Compared to control groups, students who receive direct FAFSA assistance were 29% more likely to attended college.
  • Alumni can provide college and career support for your students and programs.

Because schools need community and business partnerships to support student learning. 

  • Internships and community partnerships are proven strategies to increase student engagement and academic achievement.
  • Use your alumni networks to create the opportunities your students need and deserve.  

Because shrinking budgets and increased demands require that no resource goes untapped. 

  • Alumni provide over 9 billion dollars annually to support schools they paid to attend.
  • 22% of public high school alumni would contribute to their schools- if asked.  
  • 29% would return and talk about college and careers with students- if asked.
  • 25% would share job information with their high schools- if asked.
  • Colleges, private schools and businesses all leverage their alumni- with our software; public schools can too.

Because alumni are your success stories, your evidence, and your brand.

  • More than a trophy in a showcase, alumni communicate your impact and show today’s students that they can make it too.  
  • Alumni are your school's unique brand to cultivate and celebrate.

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Our mission is to help public high schools build vibrant alumni communities, to provide every student with the inspiration, support and resources they need to succeed.

Respecting the privacy of educators, alumni and students is important to us. Alumni Toolkit adheres to the standards and policies of theStudent Privacy Pledge.

In the 2016-2017 school year, we're excited to work in conjunction with the University of California San Diego to implement our national resource pilot. The program involves 20 schools in four states. We look forward to serving even more students.