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Here are the five steps to alumni support and student success: 


  1. Create your educator account on Alumni Toolkit. It’s easy and it helps you plan how to use and recruit your alumni.
  2. Click “recruit alumni” to send invites with our email, Facebook, and LinkedIn messages. You can send your own invites or use the emails and posts we’ve made for you.  
  3. Repeat as needed to launch your alumni network. Sending a few invites will help build your starting alumni network.  
  4. Review alumni profiles and select the alumni that match your program goals. Search by interest, education, career or background, then select the alumni who best match your program and student goals, send emails and plan your event.
  5. Then host your event, watch students engage, and realize your lesson/program goals.


Every alumni can make a difference. 

Think of it this way:

  • Recent high school grads can boost college access with FAFSA support, high school graduation advice, and college campus tours. 
  • Alumni in their early careers can offer real-world strategies on how to navigate and prepare for today’s workforce landscape. 
  • Established professionals can connect schools with business partners, site visits, internship, and funding opportunities. 
  • Every alumni can help students and teachers by providing real world feedback for student presentations, or as tutors and mentors to help students succeed.


“Students said it was important to them that the alumni ‘came from where I come from’ because they were ‘more real’ and were able to have genuine and authentic conversations, asking things they otherwise would not have.” - Elaine Roper, English Teacher at The Bridge Academy


Here are some examples of how Alumni Toolkit pilot schools are building the alumni engagement movement.


In Vista CA, Major General Murray High School hosted over 50 alumni for their first alumni event in the school’s history. Students clearly felt a new sense of pride, confidence and determination after meeting successful graduates they identified with.


In CT, New Britain High School  invited alumni volunteers for their family FAFSA event. Over 180 students and their families attended, and having the alumni volunteers as experienced FAFSA completers and translators for families was a key factor in the event’s success.


In Bridgeport CT, The Bridge Academy enlisted 5 alumni for a student motivation event. The alumni met with 70 students across 9th and 11th grades, first as a panel, then in small groups. According to the teacher, “:The students and alumni instantly connected, and the alumni were honest, powerful, and inspiring- they talked about the importance of doing well in school, the benefits of college, and most of all, that students like them could find success if they worked hard, focused and believed in themselves. 




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