YOUR alumni CAN inspire students, add resources, and improve outcomes.

 With our alumni relationship management software, it's easy to: 

Invite and engage alumni for your programs and students.

Import, update and grow your alumni contacts.  

Search alumni by college, career, background and availability. 

Easily contact and schedule alumni with a few clicks.

Enhance your college going culture with inspiring recent grads.

Build partnerships and resources for your students and programs.

Alumni engagement, made easy

Simple To Use.  Flexible to Meet the Diverse Needs of Schools and Educators: 

  1. Create an account and tailor a message for your alumni on your school's Future First page. 
  2. Identify alumni you know will connect and motivate your students.  Choose different alumni for different groups. All you need is their email addresses.
  3. Invite your alumni to join your alumni network.  Interested alumni will complete their profiles- sharing their current status, college and career journeys and key learnings.  They'll select the activities they can help with, how often, their best times, and resources they can offer.
  4. Search for the alumni you want - by program, experience, background, availability or resources.
  5. Schedule your alumni when you need them - during school or afterschool, online or in person, for classes, workshops, assemblies or college and career days. 
  6. Enjoy your alumni as they share their college knowledge, real-world career experience, inspiration and leadership with your students.

How it works.


You define the programs you need alumni to support. Our software is flexible for a wide range of programs whether it's college readiness or career awareness or community partnerships.


Our alumni database provides a rich resource of information aligned with your program goals and student needs. Alumni share the information you need to be able to find and match the right alumni for your programs.


Your young alumni are uniquely relatable, relevant role models,  Even one year alumni can provide a powerful lesson for students.  Our software makes it easy for you to invite young alumni for your students- as college knowledge, career awareness and academic support volunteers, inspiration and guides. 


Engaged alumni programs aren't about big numbers -    they're about the right numbers, and the right alumni, for your programs. Our tools make it easy to invite, match and engage the alumni you want for your students and programs.


Our database allows you to search a range of criteria to identify the right alumni for your programs. With just a few clicks, any educator can email and schedule events with alumni.  Alumni share their info and their availability. 


Alumni work and live in your community. Tap into alumni networks to build your community partnerships from jobs and internships to volunteers and funding. Alumni can also be a valuable resource for the nonprofit programs that serve your school and your students.

USING THE Software.

A resource for high school teachers, counselors, and administrators:  

  • Teachers can use alumni to inform students how the schoolwork they did in that class matters to their college and careers.

  • Counselors can engage near-peer alumni as role models and volunteers for college readiness workshops.

  • Career and Technology Educators can use their alumni to grow their business and community networks and resources.

  • School administrators can fund critical scholarships, student services and programs.


The right alumni for your programs - our software simplifies alumni engagement:

  • Our Alumni Profiles let you search by unique college and career experiences, networks and resources.

  • Integrated contact and scheduling tools make it easy to schedule and engage alumni.

  • Invitation forms simplify reconnecting with your alumni- for most it will be exciting to here from you.

  • Share your school volunteer material, resource requests and news directly to alumni.

  • Our alumni program guides provide proven classrooms, assembly and workshop plans.

  • Our assessment tools and alumni evaluation forms provide evidence of alumni impact. 

our software is freemium for educators, programs and schools. 

Join our 2015-16 pilot and receive our full customer service and premium package for life.

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The support you need to launch your alumni network.