My Story: A Guidance Counselor

Scenario: As a Guidance Counselor at a comprehensive high school, there are over 400 students who need my support – but only one of me. Each year, staff set the goal that 100% of students who need it should fill out Financial Aid applications. I lead two workshops every fall for students but I'm not able to provide the individual attention my students need to complete the forms.. 

Solution: Now, It's easy to invite  my alumni who did a great job with their financial aid applications to help this years students.. Because the did the process last year and know how much the money helped, their stories really motivate my students to get their theirs done.  And their knowledge of the process made them really helpful to the students in my workshops.

My alumni are a great fit for my program.  They nspire my students, provide the extra support they need to complete their forms and it was so fun to see them.  I love my alumni!