What's Happening: College Application Season

Near-peer recent grads are relatable role models who can share college application and FAFSA success strategies. Posting an advertisement to recruit alumni as volunteers every day on social media might frustrate your audience and be considered spam. We've compiled some newsworthy bite-sized stories to share, all while raising awareness of the need for alumni to answer an important call: support for college access. 

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FAFSA applications: A race to submit

“As a longtime runner, coach and high school teacher, I know an important race when I see one,” State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said. “Filling out these financial aid applications is the first step toward college success and helps students qualify for federal, state, and campus-based financial aid.” Read the full article here

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60% of working adults will need post-secondary credentials

The Lumina Foundation, a nationwide funder of college attainment initiatives, predicts that by 2025, 60 percent of working-age adults (25-64) will need a college degree and/or a postsecondary credential to meet projected workforce demands. Read the full article here

Right now a student in your old high school is struggling to figure out how to pay for college. Did you rock your FAFSA form? Sign up to support today's students and offer the guidance you needed when you were in school: https://www.alumnitoolkit.org/alumni/


To complete or not to complete: "Optional" questions in applications

And what about all my competitors? If I'm the only one who doesn't do the "optional" piece, I'll really look terrible. But maybe a lot of them won't do it; then I should be OK. But what if no one does the "optional" piece and it's just me? Read the full article here

Remember how hard it was to fill out your college applications? It's easy and powerful to go back and help students complete the applications they're struggling with right now. Sign up to support your school and be the role model you wish you had: https://www.alumnitoolkit.org/alumni/ 


Class of 2016 left behind the tune of $2.3 billion in federal funds

Some schools get creative in their efforts to get students to fill out the forms.

"A lot of times what they'll do is designate a specific seat in the lunchroom and say, 'Hey seniors--this is reserved for you.  Come sit down during lunch and start," Howell describes. "And then they have little celebrations when they reach different levels of completion--50 percent, 90-percent, 100-percent." Read the full article here.

If you remember the struggle to complete FAFSA, go back and help today's students: https://www.alumnitoolkit.org/alumni/ 


How to survive the college application season 

#8 - don't just apply to the usual suspects. Engaging alumni with diverse experiences will help with that. Read the full article here

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