1 in 5 high school grads accepted to colleges - but don’t show up. How alumni can help.

From The 74 Million: 

In the phenomenon known as summer melt, as many as 20 percent of students who are accepted to college and fully plan to attend don’t start classes in the fall — because either the student fails to complete a required task over the summer and loses his or her spot, or simply doesn’t show up on campus. The number is estimated to double for low-income students, who are especially vulnerable because they lack the essential support that their wealthier peers have. They often attend underresourced high schools where college counselors may have caseloads of up to 900 students.

How can alumni help? 

College-going alumni who are recent grads have fresh school-to-college knowledge and experience. From the buzz of graduation to the banality of forms and checklists, alumni understand the reality of what it takes to walk through the college doors on day one. 

Alumni as college guides can help: 
Keep in touch with students over the summer and encourage them to complete paperwork
Provide that important nudge that students need to submit final documentation
Invite incoming freshmen to visit the school campus during the summer
Mentor students through any summer melt doubts and concerns before day one of school

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