A Savvy Summer Could Boost College Success

Ready, summer, go! Summer vacation time may be the only uninterrupted opportunity rising high school seniors get to focus on their college aspirations: reflecting on their achievements, preparing for applications and planning how to present themselves to college admissions offices. 

Incoming college freshman who graduated from Los Altos have reflected on how beneficial it was to spend free time in the summer to prepare for college applications and help manage (and prevent!) the last-minute stress. 

Florida State University has launched their Young Scholars program that brings in 40 high school students to their campus from mid-June to mid-July. They spend six weeks living and learning on campus. Some students are learning about genetics, while others study geology and others check out computer programming with more than 20 faculty members across the campus.

What untapped opportunities are waiting to be ignited, just by engaging your alumni and their knowledge and networks? 

As college knowledge guides, alumni can: 

  • Be inspiring college role models
  • Help organize college knowledge workshops
  • Volunteer to help with FAFSA completion 
  • Support college application workshops
  • Support scholarship workshops
  • Organize and lead college visits 
  • Assist with language translation 
  • Advocate for STEM majors